About Us…..

A Trusted Provider for Process automation solutions

 We Provide reliable and proven solutions for productivity and automation process

G3 System 


To establish the company to be recognized as the 

technologically advanced provider for productivity and 

process automation



Our mission is to help our clients succeed

 To provide reliable and proven up-to-date process automation solutions ensuring meet or exceed customer’s expectations at attractive Return-on-Investment, and to make efforts to go green to help save the environment 


G3 System Pte Ltd was incorporated in February 1997. 

We are affiliated with MITEC AUTOMATION PTE LTD, a company specialized in material handling systems, high volume product assembly lines, and process automation.

Together we have 20 plus years of experience and knowledge in providing reliable and proven solutions for productivity improvement, manufacturing, and logistics process automation. We intend to expand our expertise to support the drive to improve local food manufacturing/supply up to 30% for the agriculture and food industries by 2030.

We undertake turn-key projects from conceptualization to implementation incorporating the latest proven technologies in process automation such as material handling system, Robot, AGV, visual inspection, packaging up to distribution system at any complexity to suit your special needs.

To complement our core business in process automation, we manufacture and supply various types of standalone material handling systems that can be used as an individual unit or configured to form a complete material handling system to your needs.

Safety is our utmost concern, we adhere to environmental and safety rules and policy to ensure maximizing the safety features in the system provided to users.

We enforce the use of eco-friendly material and energy-efficient components to support save the environmental efforts. 

We are BizSaferegistered