G3 System                       

A reliable and proven solution provider for productivity improvement, Manufacturing, and Logistic Process Automation 

We are a company with 20 plus years of knowledge and experience in providing an effective turn-key solution for productivity, manufacturing, and logistic process automation.

We have teams of very experienced engineers and with vast technical application knowledge in solving and developing process automation of various complexity in manufacturing, packaging, logistics right up to delivery by incorporating the latest technologies such as robotic, visual inspection and testing, AGV, material transfer system linearly or vertically between floors.

Process automation is our core business. The success of every project we undertake is that we adhere to the “TEAM” concept by constantly engaging the users to participate in the project development cycle to understand the user’s problems and needs to enable us to develop and implement the right solutions that ultimately meet the customer’s expectations and satisfaction with an attractive Return-in-Investment.

We pledge to go GREEN to support the save environment efforts.